About Us

Marin Boxing Academy is a boxing academy that operates out of SBG | Combat Fitness in Boise, Idaho. We focus on private boxing instruction and, in partnership with SBG, offer boxing classes as part of their membership benefits. Marin Boxing Academy will carry a line of athleisure and fitness apparel as well. Our boxing academy is specifically designed and built to take care of children and adults. We have specialty instruction designed with children in mind.

Our Story

As a child, Daniel was super hyper and his mom struggled with wrangling him. While waiting for Daniel outside of school one day, she met a boxing coach, also waiting for Daniel. He successfully persuaded Daniel’s mom to bring him to class in hopes of calming him down. It wasn’t long before Daniel fell in love with the sport.

Daniel brings so much of his childhood self to coaching: “What defines me is that I’m using my coaches’ lessons and adapting them into my own way. I’m a mix of my coaches, using it to better athletes’ lives.

The goal for Daniel was to give his gift back to the community, never about personal fame. He says, “boxing gave me what it needed to give me and now I can focus on teaching and still giving back in a different way.”

Our Mission

Our mission for establishing Marin Boxing Academy is to create a movement in the community that supports wellness engagement and healing therapy through boxing. The Marin Boxing Academy provides a safe, innovative way of addressing emotional and physical healing therapy. The goal is to bring awareness to, while de-stigmatizing, common occurrences of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. Marin Boxing Academy provides education and healing. Moving survivors to a place of resilience requires both education and movement. It is a holistic approach. Support groups and talking circles take place concurrently with group boxing classes and seminars. Within these classes and seminars, participants are invited to share their stories and how they navigate their trauma. With body movement and a strong support system, we can help people surviving violence learn to cope with the trauma and move to a place of thriving. Our traumatic experiences do not define us. Boxing will give participants self-defense knowledge and the empowerment to overcome anything.

What We Do

Heal+Protect Boxing Seminars

Meet Coach Daniel Marin

Marin Boxing Academy is a business that is owned and managed by Daniel “Chino” Marin. Marin is a retired boxer, now coach, who has robust experience in the boxing industry, boasting 51 fights as well as Golden Glove, Silver Glove, and Junior Olympic Championships.

Daniel “Chino” Marin


Hourly Training Session

  • Mental health.
  • Peak physical training.
  • Dedicate, tailored training.
  • Nurture personal discipline & goals.
  • Focus on holistic wellness.


Highly Experienced & Professional Trainer